Sunday, November 12, 2017

Top Five Tips to Sell Any Product On Facebook

Top Five Tips to Sell Any Product On Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest and popular social media platforms in the world which has won the love of many businesses and brands across the globe. Many brands and businesses have integrated social media as part of their marketing strategy and have built a strong presence on this platform. As a brand, you should consider building an online presence on this platform if most of your customers hangout on this platform.

Keep reading to know the tips you should practice for you to be able to sell any product on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook business page

You can't use your personal Facebook page to advertise your business, so it is advisable to create an official Facebook business page for your brand. Your business page is the online presence for your brand so it must have features that represents your brand offline. You have to personalize your page by using the name of your brand, logo, location, contact numbers, and other brand pictures to setup your page. You should explore the platform to see how best you can personalize your page to your satisfaction.

2. Get familiar with Facebook decorum.

There are many helpful tips for success on Facebook from their official website regarding advertising, conversion, competitions and topics on live streaming for businesses, interaction with other brands, etc.

3. Network with other businesses.

You should make a conscious effort to connect with other businesses, they might be of great help in your business journey.

Many businesses can refer thier customers to your business through recommendation for free if you have a connection with them. Others can advertise your products on their pages if your products are not similar but can be of great benefit to their customers and audience. There are many businesses out there that can support you in many ways. Start networking.

It is advisable to introduce yourself with a private email when approaching a business online for the first time.

4. Spend on advertising

Organic reach on Facebook is reducing on a daily basis so it is wise to spend on ads to reach more audience with a little money. This is the best way to reach more audience with your new products or promotions. Facebook shows ads on the news feed of your audience and they see your ads anytime they scroll through their timeline.

Before you spend any money on ads, make sure you have already seen its organic interaction. The more interaction it gets without advertisement, the more interaction it will get when you pay for advertising. Also make sure you do your targeting well to reduce cost and have a good ROI.

5.  Post content that entertains, amuses and encourages others.

Brands should not always be creating content to make sales or introduce new products to their audience. Remember that its social media not social selling. Create social content like quote of the day, funny pictures, funny memes, that will make a difference in the life of your audience. Let them feel special and appreciated on your business page, this will make them remember your brand all the time and even refer their friends to your page. Your page should not always be about your brand or product, your audience must be your priority.

Facebook is a great platform for business success, you just need the right business formula and you will be on your journey to success on this platform. It has the potential to increase sales, audience, customers and other marketing efforts of a brand.

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