Thursday, October 5, 2017

How To Create A Social Media Branding Strategy

How To Create A Social Media Branding Strategy

Social media branding

Social Media is really an important medium for all those who need to create their brands and businesses by paying very little or almost nothing. Social Media Branding can be used to achieve this. Also, huge companies are getting a lot into it, so much that Tycoons such as Pepsi have gone totally digital. But with so many companies going digital, it also creates a problem, as the competition is really tough. 

Here are some tips that will help you for getting a good social media branding strategy:

Choose The Correct Networks

There are many types of social media platforms but you need to find the best platform for your business and establish your business on that platform. You should know which platform is suitable for your venture and go for it.

Visual Branding Is Really Important

Visual branding refers to the visual appeal of the profiles that your company holds. The color and design should be consistent and appealing. A great example of this is Coca Cola. The logo, color schemes as well as the messages are quite the same.

Your Voice

You need to develop your brand’s voice to make it look good. This means, the ideology of your brand should be clear. What it stands for, what is its USP and why should people go for your brand. It’s all defined by your voice. Your voice also talks about the target audience of your brand or product.

Consistency is the Key

This is something that we have always told everyone. One needs to be consistent in the quality of content they provide their audience with. It should not be that one day you write a post about dogs and on the next day you take up political topics.


It is really important to post regularly when creating a brand image. You can’t afford to make your audience miss out even one day, not just that you also need to ensure that your posts are always posted at regular intervals of time so that the audience knows when to expect something from you.

Influencers Help A Lot

You need to connect with influencers so as to gain the trust of your niche. It could be the top bloggers of the niche that you are interested in or some celebrity, but it should do the job.


You need to aggressively promote your brand by all the means that you have. No we don’t mean spamming or posting haphazardly but just working hard on your image.

Engaging Is The Key

It is probably the most important thing amongst all, which is to engage with your audience. You need to show them that you are always there for them and this you can do by replying to their comments, by making some changes if your audience demands it and you think they are right.

These are just the basic tips of how you can create a successful branding strategy, to know more, enroll at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi.

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