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8 Things Businesses And Brands Should Never Do On Social Media.

8 Things Businesses And Brands Should Never Do On Social Media.
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Are you using social media to promote your brand or business? Do you know that certain posts could make your business or brand page look unprofessional and might make your followers unfollow your brand? Do you also know that certain contents should not be posted or published on your business page?

Many businesses and brands get to a stage where they experience this shortfalls but don't really know what triggered people to unfollow their social media pages.  So I have outlined the kind of things you should never do on your social media pages since it might lead to people unfollowing your brand.  

So let's check the 8 Things Businesses And Brands Should Never Do On Social Media.

1. Content that promotes your brand all the time.

Your business page should not be a channel to promote your brands content to your followers all the time. It's social media, and you are there to engage your followers so your content have to be engaging and also adding value to your followers. Create and publish relevant and engaging content on your business page for your followers to interact with your page all the time. Retweet and share relevant content from industry Influencers with your followers.

2. Sharing a lot of content in a short period of time. 

Sure, there is a lot of noise on social media but that doesn't mean you need to be updating your social media pages within a short period of time all the time. You should follow a posting routine and go by it. That is, you should know the time that your followers will be online so that your post will reach majority of them to avoid posting the same content repeatedly within a short period of time. Once you realize the time majority of your followers come online, stick to it and be consistent with the time frame.

3. Posting content that are not properly proofread.

Your social media pages represent and sells your brand to the world so publishing post that contains a lot of grammatical errors will affect your brand. It doesn't only show that your brand is unprofessional but also shows that you are not serious with what you are doing as a brand. Before publishing a post on your blog or social networking page, make sure that your content has been properly proofread.

4. Irrelevant content. 

Your brand needs to interact and engage it's audience through the content it publishes on its page, that doesn’t mean you should be publishing every content you find online just because it's making buzz on the internet. Mind you, your brand represents your business and every business has a niche so the content you publish on your pages should be based on your niche. Content that your audience will find relevant and will add value to their lives.

5. Inappropriate use of hashtags 

Hashtags can be more effective as paid advertisement if integrated properly in a post, but most brands do not take their time to properly research on the use of relevant hashtags so they end up making their post annoying because of the excessive use of inappropriate hashtags. Study the hashtags that are relevant in your niche and integrate them in your post well for maximum exposure of your content.

6. Don't neglect the social part of social media 

Being social is part of your social media marketing efforts. You should try to create humor and engage your audience with content that they might find interesting and valuable. You should make a conscious effort with this strategy since it will make your audience love your brand.

7. Political or religious post

You should be aware of the damage a political or religious post could bring to your brand when things are not properly created. Your audience have different religious backgrounds and political affiliations so be careful when you want to share your thoughts on a religious or political issue on your social pages. For you to be on a safer side just avoid posting your thoughts on issues concerning political and religious stories on your social pages.

8. Misleading information 

As a brand, your audience build trust with you as time goes on and they come to your brand for niche news, updates, forecasts and the likes. So it is very important to keep their trust by giving them contents that are backed by facts. Before posting content on your page, you should verify it and make sure all the information it contains are valid and safe for consumption by your audience.

Building your brand on social media is like showcasing your brand to the whole world so be mindful of the content you put out there because it can make or destroy your brand.

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