Sunday, October 1, 2017

4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace Social Media.

4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace Social Media.

Social media

Social media has become part of most business growth and there is no doubt about it. Entrepreneurs who adopt social media and make it part of their marketing efforts experience tremendous growth in their business.

Entrepreneurs also have to establish and build themselves on social media as they do for their business. Having a social media presence as an entrepreneur  isn't just about being on the platform to socialize but to be part of the digital shift happening in the business world.

Building relevant following on social media as an entrepreneur helps your brand gain more exposure and audience. After you start engaging your followers in industry discussions and providing help to them, they would see you as a thought leader in that industry and will begin to come to you or your company when they need something in your industry.

Let's check out the 4 reasons why entrepreneurs need to embrace social media..............

1. Staying Updated With Digital Trends.

Newspapers, media prints, television and radio channels are no more relevant when it comes to knowing latest trends in the digital world. Social media has become the world's primary source of getting information about latest news, trends in the digital world, financial and business news. Entrepreneurs in various niches or industries use social media platforms to get more insights about an industry opinion, perspective, trends, etc. Others also connect with industrial experts and diverse audience and customers through these platforms.

Entrepreneurs who utilize these social networking platforms have the chance to make informed decisions, get community insight, connect with thought leaders, and also gather feedback. Entrepreneurs who engage and build a strong social presence have more success in their business and also attract more audience for their brand without even knowing.

2. Networking

Social media platforms provide the avenue for people to connect with others from different fields and countries. It allows leaders to connect with other industrial leaders and also makes it possible for leaders to communicate with potential clients for more business opportunities.

By networking, entrepreneurs and leaders will be informed about available networking events and hangouts which they can participate in and expanded their network cycle and also attract more audience to their business.

3. Source Of Gathering Feedbacks 

Social media gives entrepreneurs a wide range of opportunities, from acquiring audience, customers, business partners, brand awareness, online presence and stakeholders. It also allows entrepreneurs to know the trending feedbacks from thier audience and customers regarding their services or products. Social media is a platform that can grow a business and at the same time, bring a business down. Anytime your audience or customers feel dissatisfied with your services or products, they tend to these platforms to voice out their grievances. So it is wise for entrepreneurs to be on social media for them to be the first to see these feedbacks and address them before it gets out of hand.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business so what they share or say about your business on social networking platforms can affect it positively or negatively.

4. Talent Recognition and Acquisition

Social media can serve as a source of recruitment platform for recruiting top talents into most organizations. These platforms  helps entrepreneurs and leaders to connect with talented candidates in their industry since most talents are being revealed on social networking platforms through the content those candidates create and the kind of industrial discussions they have on the platform. LinkedIn is a great platform for networking and recruiting potential candidates but other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc is also a great platform to reach potential talented candidates.

One of my friends on Facebook, received two letters from different companies asking him to become a partner in their company. Why? Because of the knowledge he shares on his timeline about financial literacy.

Getting on social media and building an online presence as an entrepreneur is a great move for you and your business. Starting out on social networking platforms and establishing yourself will not be easy but hard work and consistency will get you there.

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