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Steemit : Earning By Blogging.

Steemit : Earning By Blogging. 

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Social media platforms are making money with the information of users and also on users participation. Most of them, especially Facebook sells users information and interest to companies for them to serve targeted ads to the user's of their social platforms. But what is the point in being active on this social platforms and at the end they make money out of your participation and you don't even get to enjoy 1% of the money they make from your participation.  So why would you not join a social media platform which rewards it's users through their participation on their platform.

I introduce Steemit to you. Steemit is a social platform which combines the concept of social media and blogging on a blockchain database, which is known as Steem. The most impressive feature is the ability for its users to get reward for curating contents, commenting and voting. Just for being active on this social platform by creating and curating contents, commenting on other users content and upvoting other users content, you get rewarded. The rewards users of Steemit receive is not in our fiat currency like Dollars, Euro or Pounds but it's own token, Steem Power (SP) and Steem Dollars (STD), these token are recorded on Steemit's own decentralized blockchain known as Steem.

Steemit is attracting a lot of individual writers across the globe and it's users keep increasing as the day goes by. A lot of good articles are being upvoted, and curators of those articles are being rewarded for their great work. As a writer on Steemit, you have to create interesting and relevant content so that your followers will engage with your content by upvoting and commenting on it. The rewards on this social platform is in two parts, the author reward and the curation reward.

How to create your steemit account. 

1. Visit, and click on sign up

2. You would be required to verify Mobile number and email. It is compulsory to do both verification otherwise your account would never be created.

3. Now wait for an approval email from Steemit. Click on the link from the email and your password will be generated before you login to your account.

NB: Passwords are generated automatically by the system, you are required to save it online and offline since you can't change it or regenerate it again if you forget it. Save it in a secure place, on your computer and your dairy. Your Steemit account is equal to your bank account because any activity you do on Steemit is valued in monetary terms so keep your password safe like the way you keep your bank details.

How It Works: Submitting an article or giving comments. 

At the top right corner of your account, you will see Submit a Story from the menu that pops up, click on it to submit your unique article. Your article could be on blockchain, cryptocurrency, photography, pets, politics, education, personal development, steemit review, steemit price, motivational messages, news, travel, etc. As long as your articles are relevant, insightful, interesting, unique, engaging and attracts your followers to interact with your content by upvoting and commenting, you can be earning rewards from your hard work know as author rewards in SP and SBD. The more you create content and grow your followers, your reputation increases which increases your earnings. You can earn more through upvotes from individuals holding higher steem powers.

You can create content from all interesting topics you can think of,  the only thing that this social platform frowns on, is copied material from other sources. Your articles should be unique and must be created by you, if you need to add an image to your article and you download it from google, you should attach the source to it.

The platform has a mechanism to check fake and duplicate accounts to avoid fraudulent activities so don't try to manipulate the platform for your advantage. You will be banned.

 How tо Gеt Paid?

After submitting your article(s), users will comment and vote on your article and each vote will earn you a reward. The reward is paid into your wallet at the end of the 7th day. The reward is in Steem or SBD, SBD can be withdrawn instantly but Steem takes 13 weeks to withdraw all to cash no matter the amount you have. Steem power is like a bank account where you withdraw gradually, you can change it into bitcoins by going to Blocktrades and convert your Steem to bitcoin. You can then transfer the bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet and spend it or change it for fiat.


Here are some tips to help you make the most out of this social platform. 

1. Many articles are performing well on Steemit in terms of the votes, comments and earning potential so I encourage all new writers to look out for articles that are performing well and create their own unique content based on the topics that are performing well on the platform. The high earning articles usually cover topics like steemit, steemit review, how to convert Steem to PayPal, philosophy, cryptocurrency, etc.

2. Tags. Tags are what makes your post visible to the users on Steemit. It is essential you use the right tags. Use of wrong tags make your work invisible to the community.

3. Build as much audience as possible, the more audience you get, the more your earning potential. It takes time, dedication and hard work to build an audience but you can do it.

4. Articles should be unique, relevant and must be created by you. Copied contents are not allowed on the platform.

Join today and start writing, voting and earning.

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